Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Horse's mouth

Recently, in the news some might have read about a scandal involving horse meat.  If you haven't and or want to refresh, here is an article I wish to speak about today.

Basically, what happened is that horse meat was used in some consumer products without being labelled as such.  This presents several ethical debates.  Firstly, it is hardly a debate when talking about whether a consumer has a right to know what kind of meat they are eating. Of course they do.  Another debate could be whether we all should be exposed to not just what meat we are eating but also, how it got there on our plate in the first place.  (insert horse joke here)

However, specifically, why is it for some that horse meat is seen as cruel, while other meat is not. I mean really, horse or cow, is there really that big of a difference?  Consider which life you would rather have, a cow or a horse?   I would argue that all have the potential to suffer and feel pain.

Also, maybe horse meat might be better in terms of health.  The horse most likely has had good feed and perhaps the meat has less antibiotics and other chemicals that we put in conventional meat.  It may even be leaner and more healthy?  In addition, it would be a shame or worse to waste all the meat when a horse is put to sleep and or it's racing career is over.  Right?

More over, I see those preaching to save the dolphins from the slaughter.  Meanwhile, they are eating all kinds of other meats.  When you think about it, perhaps dolphins are actually made into meat more humanely then any cow, chicken, pig or horse is?  They are allowed to rome the seas free until one day when they are killed.  Unlike farm animals who are subjected to a life time of cruelty, captivity and  finished by a conveyor belt of torture.  Give me a Dolphin's life any day over a cow, chicken, pig or horse! 

So why are some animals worthy of reverence while others are not? 

What are your thoughts?

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