Thursday, 25 April 2013

"It is hard to swallow!"

"It is hard to swallow" said a friend to me at work as I explained horse meat and the practises of the veal industry.  They all shuttered. 

It occurred to me that people really don't want to know what is going on or they have some sort of  block which tells them what is really happening is not real at all as some sort of a coping strategy. A safe place mentally until it is over.  Why is it that people can be soooo curious but when there are values that might be challenged as an adult they can't cope or do not wish to discuss or know reality?  If there is nothing wrong with it, why can you not see it or watch a video about it?

Hey, lets be honest, there are some very graphic and even sick movies out there about torture.  Hostel, Saw for example.  Tons of movies where people just love to watch a person be tortured killed and suffer.  Good stuff right.  So why oppose real life torture.  Because it is real? Because it is wrong?  We love violence right?  What happens in the factories is natural right?  Nothing wrong with it right?

Being a vegan, I really only tell people how I feel when they ask me.  For example, usually it starts with, "You don't eat dairy or meat?"  "Ya", I reply.  Then they say, "Why?"  Next, I usually ask, "Are sure you want to talk about it?"  Sometimes the conversation stops there and other times it gets going and can even get heated. I prefer the ones that just end respectfully and where we both leave each other with a little something to think about.

However, most times it goes like this.  I begin and they have several arguments right away they try to use which misses the whole point and instead of actually listening to my response they are trying to find some kind of rebuttal as to why I am wrong.  If the conversation proceeds they do not want to actually think about anything i said nor do they want to actually see what happens in a factory farm.   Here is the deal, you asked me why, I did not ask you?

My best response perhaps should be, watch Earthlings (here is a trailer)

start to finish and then we can have a discussion because unless you have seen what actually happens in these places for yourself, there is really no way I can truly capture why I am veg. 

Plus I would like others to give me arguments as to Why is this treatment of animals ok and is natural?  Also, why it is ok for me to eat meat cus to be honest, I liked meat.  Don't try and prove me wrong, prove your point of view right.   Instead of me having to prove to someone something they do not completely know about from either perspective.  Like lets look at it logically and tell each other what we see.  We can watch it together and anytime either of us has a problem with the information being used regarding the practises of the meat, dairy, fur or any other industry, we can look it up and do the research.  Not what the dogma or argument of mainstream consumerism and politics has instructed you to say when someone challenges you on meat or even you challenge them.  Lets look at it for real and constructively?

So my friendly meat eaters, anyone want to watch a great horror flick?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Horse's mouth

Recently, in the news some might have read about a scandal involving horse meat.  If you haven't and or want to refresh, here is an article I wish to speak about today.

Basically, what happened is that horse meat was used in some consumer products without being labelled as such.  This presents several ethical debates.  Firstly, it is hardly a debate when talking about whether a consumer has a right to know what kind of meat they are eating. Of course they do.  Another debate could be whether we all should be exposed to not just what meat we are eating but also, how it got there on our plate in the first place.  (insert horse joke here)

However, specifically, why is it for some that horse meat is seen as cruel, while other meat is not. I mean really, horse or cow, is there really that big of a difference?  Consider which life you would rather have, a cow or a horse?   I would argue that all have the potential to suffer and feel pain.

Also, maybe horse meat might be better in terms of health.  The horse most likely has had good feed and perhaps the meat has less antibiotics and other chemicals that we put in conventional meat.  It may even be leaner and more healthy?  In addition, it would be a shame or worse to waste all the meat when a horse is put to sleep and or it's racing career is over.  Right?

More over, I see those preaching to save the dolphins from the slaughter.  Meanwhile, they are eating all kinds of other meats.  When you think about it, perhaps dolphins are actually made into meat more humanely then any cow, chicken, pig or horse is?  They are allowed to rome the seas free until one day when they are killed.  Unlike farm animals who are subjected to a life time of cruelty, captivity and  finished by a conveyor belt of torture.  Give me a Dolphin's life any day over a cow, chicken, pig or horse! 

So why are some animals worthy of reverence while others are not? 

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Being an elite athlete

Pro and Elite Athletes

Some believe that to be an elite athlete means you need to eat meat.  I learned this as I was encouraged to drop my vegetarian diet during highschool by my doctor.  However, with so many vegan pro athletes we have learned that this is simply not true.  Many of the best Ultra Marathoners in the world are vegan.  This sport involves 50 plus mile races.  Here is a story on one of the most famous vegan Ultra Marathoners, Scott Jurek.

Or take a look at Arian foster, another vegan athlete.

Another example of a vegan elite athlete is Timothy Bradley.  He just won the title and is a world boxing champion.  Check it out, here is one video where he talks about it.

Lastly, here is a video which highlights the veg athletes, many of which I was not aware.

Even if you do not subscribe to all the reasons of being a vegan, ie. animal rights, it can really help your performance and over all health.  Don't trust me, trust the results!

Being a vegan

Hello all,

I became a vegan because I was horrified to think that I was contributing to what happens in the modern factory farm slaughter houses.  Further, what the practises of the dairy and eggs industries is perhaps worse or at least equal to the meat industry.

Here is a great speech by one of the most passionate people I have ever heard.

Now, I believe it is important to acknowledge all of the people we know and respect who have also made this decision.  Albert Einstein and Gandhi to name a few.  Gandhi has a famous line which has always resonated with me.  "Be the change you wish to see in the world."  As a result, being a vegan for me is that change. 

I hope that this can be a place for me to share with others the trials and tribulations of being a vegan as well as some great diet ideas.    Also, a safe place that challenges the ideas of who vegans are and can be.  I will have you know that I am a huge fan of sports and beer.  Vegans can be anyone!!!!

Something to think about?