Thursday, 7 March 2013

Being an elite athlete

Pro and Elite Athletes

Some believe that to be an elite athlete means you need to eat meat.  I learned this as I was encouraged to drop my vegetarian diet during highschool by my doctor.  However, with so many vegan pro athletes we have learned that this is simply not true.  Many of the best Ultra Marathoners in the world are vegan.  This sport involves 50 plus mile races.  Here is a story on one of the most famous vegan Ultra Marathoners, Scott Jurek.

Or take a look at Arian foster, another vegan athlete.

Another example of a vegan elite athlete is Timothy Bradley.  He just won the title and is a world boxing champion.  Check it out, here is one video where he talks about it.

Lastly, here is a video which highlights the veg athletes, many of which I was not aware.

Even if you do not subscribe to all the reasons of being a vegan, ie. animal rights, it can really help your performance and over all health.  Don't trust me, trust the results!

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